Saturday, May 25, 2013

Father Al: On Belief in Jesus

“If you truly believe in Jesus there will spring up from the depths of your heart a never-ending stream of living joy.” – Servant of God, Fr. Al Schwartz

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fr. Al: On Covetousness

"Covetousness is a vague word, but it means simply greed or desire for material possessions, goods and money. It is written in the Psalms, "Be still and you shall know your God." Desire, greed, and covetousness keep our hearts from being still. They agitate our hearts. They create this inner noise and we do not hear God, nor find Him, nor be one with Him. So, we must make our hearts still, silent and quiet by ridding them of all desire, greed and covetousness. If we do this, then we will hear the voice of God. " ~  Fr. Al's Homily to his Children, February 19, 1992

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fr. Al: On Prayer

"By prayer, we leave this earth. We leave this material, visible world. We enter the world of God. We discover the beauty of God’s world. We experience a new joy, new delight, and new pleasure. We become spiritual beings. That is why Jesus wants us to pray for ourselves." - Fr. Al Schwartz

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fr. Al: On Helping the Poor-Youth

“...the poor not only must be fed and clothed but also be given the education and skills to enable them to participate fully in the society.” - Servant of God, Fr. Aloysius Schwartz

Fr. Al: On Gratitude

"The best way to ensure that you will receive future gifts, blessings, and graces of God is to be grateful and thankful for those He has already given you." ~  Servant of God, Fr. Aloysius Schwartz